Search & filter for Offers

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We want you to Enjoy your Hala rewards App to its maximum potential, hence we are continuously work to make  finding the local deals and offer easy and seamless.

there are multiple ways to locate offers

You Can perform a Quick search from the main App window from the Top of the App.

Simply click on the ‘magnifier’  icon  on the top right corner. Type away what your looking for.


Searching by Categories is another quick and easy way to find what you’re looking for..

Simply select the category by taping on the category closest to your selection.

from there on you can either scroll through the list or type in your search keyword. Enjoy!

Two easy ‘view modes’ are available for your convenience. You can select to view either ‘Map’ or ‘List’ view modes by taping on the top right corner to toggle between each to choose from.

The map view is super useful if you want to see what’s available around a certain area.

A active filter by “Categories” and by “location” is also available.

Enjoy Hala Rewards App!