Where can I purchase the Hala Rewards membership Card?

Q: Where can I purchase the Hala Rewards membership Card?

A: It’s easy. You can simply by the Hala Rewards membership card by visiting our website or making a purchase through the Hala Rewards App.

Just download the free Hala Rewards App from the Apple App Store, Google Play from your smartphone.

From the app, click on “Card” icon at the bottom of your screen and you will prompted to “buy now” and follow the simple check out steps and your card is ready.

How long Hala Rewards App membership is valid for?

Q: How long is the Hala Rewards membership App is valid for?

A: The Hala Rewards membership is valid for 1 full year starting on the day you purchase the membership card (for 365 days). The membership is valid 7 days a week with some exclusion dates, including public holidays and other special occasions stated by the merchant.

Please read through the terms and conditions for the complete terms.


How do I view the offers & merchants available?

Q: How do I view the offers & merchants available?

A: The easiest way to view the available Offers and merchants is by opening the Hala Rewards App and follow the following ways:

  • From the app main Menu, tap the category you are interested to view.
  • use the “quick search” by clicking on the magnifier icon on the top right corner on the App

from the website click on “view all offers” to list the merchants and view the associated offers.

What is Hala Rewards?

Q: What is Hala Rewards?

A: Hala Rewards is membership discount program. Hala Rewards App Card holders enjoy competitive discounts & Special rates at various health clinics, beauty centers, fitness centers, restaurants, child nurseries, Kids & entertainment and many more of our business partners in the United Arab Emirates.